Bubble Sensation After Jogging?

I am 6 months post op from saline under the muscle implants. About a month ago I had air bubbles after jogging. I mentioned to my ps who said to let him know if it happens again. Well, it did over the weekend. Went away quickly after with some massage. Will call on monday. Is this normal?

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Air Bubbles after 6 months Following Breast Augmentation

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   Sometimes fluid or air within the pocket is normal in the postoperative period.   If this is audible or palpable let your plastic surgeon know and monitor the situation.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

Bubble feeling after saline breast implants

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It is not unsual to hear and feel bubble type sounds after saline augmentation. This usually resolves within one month of surgery. This is due to small amount of air in the implant which is easily absorbed by the body. After 6 months you may be feeling the implant move and distort with activity then return to normal. Have your ps examine you if it occurs frequently. If your volume and shape has not changed you should be fine. After 6 months it is unlikely to be air.

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