I Am a BSN and Would Love to Do Botox and Fillers. How Can I Find a Doctor to Work Under in NC?

I want to take the additional certifying CE to do botox/ fillers in homes. Would I need rescusitative equipment on hand? If I keep ACLS and BLS current, would I be more likely to find a doctor who would partner with me, or allow me to do in home injections, much like care that I provided as a home health nurse? I understand that these situations exist, but I am also alarmed at the number of people, especially qualified MD's who feel that these are nurses working out of their scope of practice.

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Botox and fillers in home situations

Each state will have their own medical practices surrounding the use of injectables (note: cosmetic injectables) in a home care situation. Remember that home care is supposed to be done for people that cannot be treated in regular offices. Elective procedures, like Botox and fillers, therefore, wouldn't fall into the realm of being covered under most nursing insurance, which may put you and the MD you are working under in some difficult situations. Personally, I don't have nurses or PAs working under me or injecting, and I wouldn't be willing to put my license or insurance on the line for home care injectables. Each physician has the right to choose his or her own preferences for this, and abide by state medical laws, so if you're looking in NC specifically, you first need to talk to your insurance and the nursing and medical boards to see if this is even a legitimate possibility.

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