Bruising in Eyelid 3 Weeks After Asian Blepharoplasty

I had an asian blepharoplasty done 3 weeks ago. The swelling has gone down dramatically but some blood accumulation (possibly hematoma?) is still there, more prevalent in the left eye than the right eye. They are still a dark purple color and have not faded away since a week and a half ago, and have not changed color at all. (Meanwhile, swelling continues to go down.) In the pic, (I have mild orbital dystopia hence position of eyebrows) please examine for hematoma? and recommend?

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The dark purple color is actually normal after asian blepharoplasty

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The dark purple color is actually normal after asian blepharoplasty. That occurs because of the inflammation and that brings more blood flow to that area.  Also because that area is thinner than most areas on the body, it tends to show colors more that show through the skin more (because of the thin nature of skin in this area). This will get better with time.  This is not a hematoma.  I think the result that you have is excellent.  I have seen many more issues from other surgeons that are much more significantly adverse. Your result is par for the course!! I would obviously verify this with your particular surgeon to make sure that your actual physical exam is consistent with what I see in the pictures. Ultimately, you need a surgeon to really see what is going on face to face!

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The best recommendation and expalnation will be from your sugeon. It seems he/she did a very good job.

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