Bruising on One Breast 5 Days Post Op?

This is my 5th day post op from a pretty major BL and I'm noticing a big bruise on the bottom of my left breast and a lot of bruising around my nipple that doesn't seem to be getting any better. I've also noticed some fluid on my bra from around my left nipple. My right breast has very minimal bruising and little to no fluid. Is it normal to have this much bruising at five days?

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Bruising on One Breast 5 Days Post Op

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Bruising is very common post breast lift. It is also common for the breasts to heal at different rates. Consult with your surgeon as he or she knows the scope of the surgery and the specifics about you.

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Bruising after breast lift

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Bruising after breast lift or breast reduction surgery is not uncommon, but typically the nature of the bruising changes with time. I would expect bruising that developed immediately after surgery to start resolving and to look more yellow than purple at 5 days. The small amount of bleeding from the stitch line around the areolae is also not uncommon, but usually stops by day 5. I would want to know if there is any significant difference in the size of the breasts and if the bruised and bleeding breast is larger, swollen, and more sore than the other. If so, I would suggest you return early to your surgeon to evaluate for a hematoma or seroma. 

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Bruising after breast lift

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Bruising is very common after a breast lift or reduction.  The breasts will heal at different rates so the bruising may be worse on the left then the right and may subside somewhat slower.  If the bruising does not appear to be evolving, as in is not turning more yellowish in color, I would return to your PS to evaluate the perfusion of the skin flaps.  Also, the clear discharge around the suture lines is normal. 

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Excessive bruising after breast lift

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Bruising is very common after breast lift, and occasionally there can be spotting through a suture line. If the bruising is excessive or asymmetric it is best to let your surgeon have a look to make sure there is no bleeding or hematoma.

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Bruising after breast lift

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Bruising after breast lift surgery is not uncommon.  The location and prominence of the bruising can vary depending on the type and extent of the breast lift procedure performed.  Although what you describe sounds normal you should have your plastic surgeon verify.  Infection, hematoma, and vascular compromise would be concerning issues and should be addressed early.

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Asymmetric Bruising after Breast Lifting?

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For this type of question ( during the recovery period after surgery)  it will in your best interest to seek follow-up ( earlier than scheduled if necessary)  with your plastic surgeon. He/she is in the best position to rule out complications (for example hematoma)  then may present with asymmetric bruising.  Otherwise, online consultation is imprecise and maybe falsely reassuring.

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