Bruising and Swelling on the Rim of Right Ear After Surgery 2 1/2 Years Ago? (photo)

The top part of my right ear near the rim of my ear is still black and swollen 2 1/2 years after surgery for lop ear. Some days when I wake up its less swollen and other days it balloons back up. Any reason why my ear hasn't fully healed after otoplasty surgery?

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Swelling After An Otoplasty Many Years Later

Unclear of the cause of residual intermittent swelling this long after an otoplasty without an examination in your office.  Most causes of intermittent swelling are related to the body's lymphatic system.  Additionally, other causes could include an allergic reaction to suture, low grade infection localized on the suture fibers, or other unrelated issues.  Seek advice and examination from your surgeon.

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Otoplasty Healing

Your incision looks well healed, but your right ear swelling may be related to your sleeping position and some localized edema secondary to minor lymphatic blockage.  Please follow-up with your original surgeon for full review of your issue.

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