Bruise 7 Days After Restylane Lips

I had restalane injections 7 days ago above my top lip. My lip bruised and swelled right away. I still have a dark grayish bruise the size of my pinky finger that has not changed in size or color since I had the injection. Does this mean it will never go away??? KB

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Grayish Bruise on Lips After Restylane?

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Hi Kristina.  While it is possible you are bruised from your injection, it's also possible that a slightly gray or blueish hue could represent some Restylane that is injected too superficially (near the surface of the skin).

If you do have some superficial product, it's easy to fix with a hyaluronidase injection to break down the original Restylane.  Go back and see your injector to see what they think.  Good luck.

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Bruise after fillers

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A bruise will go away often within a week or less.  If you are seeing a gray color, this may represent some filler material that is superficial. Have your doctor take a look.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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