can my uneven nostrils be the cause of my snoring and breathing issues. (photos)

I have insurance and I need to know if it's considered cosmetic. I don't want to change my nose but if it helps me breath better then I am up for it

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Uneven nostrils and breathing

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Uneven nostrils should not cause breathing problems, snoring or sleep apnea. Nasal obstruction and airway narrowing can cause these problems. Insurance may cover sleep apnea treatment but not uneven nostrils. 

Cosmetic rhinoplasty for uneven nostrils

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The uneven nostrils were not causing breathing issues.  There are many issues on the inside of the nose that can cause breathing difficulties such as a deviated septum, turbinate hypertrophy, allergies, valve collapse, vestibular stenosis, and chronic sinusitis.  Each one of these issues are treated differently with both medications and/or surgery.  A thorough examination of the internal portion of the nose is required to make a determination about what may be causing the difficulty breathing.  Medical management is always required before electing to undergo functional nasal surgery for breathing improvement.  Adjusting your asymmetrical nostrils will be considered cosmetic surgery

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