I had Botox, then MiXto Laser a week later. Fluid-filled sacks have developed under my eyes. Do I need another MiXto?

The results were great but developed fluid filled sacks under my eyes. the seem to get a LITTLE Better,I just had a BBL 9 days later the fluid is worse swelling too and my complexion look worse than before the Mixto?? Will I have to get another Mixto to get the baby skin results back? Radisse Injections Liquid Facelift?

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Eye bags after Botox/MIXTO/BBL

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I am not clear on the exact timeline of your treatments, but I am concerned about the sudden development of undereye fluid. This may be allergic in nature and possibly related to a new cream or some product that was used with one of your treatments. Do you have a history of allergies? I would not recommend additional treatments until this is sorted out and addressed to avoid further side effects. 

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