Is it normal to feel like sex is tearing me at 10-12 weeks out from Vaginoplasty?

I feel like sex is tearing me apart even with a ton of lubricant and lots of foreplay. Could this ruin my long term result? Should I wait longer before attempting to have sex again?

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Pain after Vaginoplasty

Thank you for sharing.

I would certainly make sure your surgeon is aware and has examined.  We often have our patients do a post procedure relaxing exercise at the bottom opening of the vagina or wherever it seems most tender.   We have them apply enough pressure to cause discomfort and have them move in a semi circle fashion back and forth in the area for a few minutes.   We typically do that at least 1 week prior to commencing intercourse.

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Why am I hurting after vaginoplasty? Will having sex ruin my long term result?

The likely issue is that you are too tight relative to the size of your partner.  Continued sexual relations hopefully will improve this as your body naturally loosens with activity.  It is unlikely that sex will ruin your vaginoplasty or your results because the vagina is an organ designed to both accommodate sexual activity and the birth of a baby. That said you might have healing issues or scar tissue formation that is causing the problem.  A physical examination is very important.  In the absence of such a problem the answer could be the use of vaginal dilators.  

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10-12 weeks after vaginoplasty, sex feels like it's tearing patient apart.

It is best to see your surgeon. If a vaginoplasty is very tight, dilators may help. Your surgeon can examine you to make sure you're healing well and make recommendations on the appropriate treatment. 

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Vaginal pain 2 1/2 months after vaginoplasty

You shouldn't feel this way at this point in your recovery. See your surgeon for an evaluation and advice!

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Pain 10-12 weeks post op

Dear Untaken:

It is unusual to have tearing pain 10-12 weeks after surgery but does not mean there is something wrong.  I suggest you see your surgeon for an evaluation.  The most common reason to feel like you are tearing 12 wks post operatively is because the vaginal opening is too tight and there is a skin bridge in this area.   This is my theory without examining you.  Again please see your surgeon for an exam.  If you continue to have problems and your surgeon's answers are not helpful, I would recommend you see another cosmetic vaginal surgeon specialist.  Best of luck

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If sex hurts after your vaginoplasty, go see your surgeon

Severe pain after vaginoplasty is unusual. This requires an evaluation by your surgeon to identify the cause of the pain and suggest appropriate management.

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