How do I get my lost sutures and open area restitched? My doctor doesn't seem to want to do it.

The area these sutures came out of are the area that tightens the entrance to the vagina.How can i get my doctor to fix this? I am so distraught I went through all this pain for nothing. I know about the significant stretching once sex is resumed. So I am so disheartened. I just want my sutures replaced. BTW, I did not scratch out the second stitch I've been using soft restraints to make sure I dont scratch in my sleep since the first suture came out.

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Revision of Vaginal Surgery

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Revison surgery for labiaplasty may be requested to remove more tissue: make the labia more even.;  correct over reductions; treat adhesions between parts of the vulva; improve the appearance of color, texture, and scars after previous treatment. Revisions are generally possible but, as with other surgeries, revision becomes more difficult than the initial first operation. These should be performed by a surgeon experienced with Cosmetic Female Genital Surgery.  You should wait at least 6 months for the initial surgery to resolve.  Tissues need to heal and soften before they are re-operated upon.

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Mental meltdown after vaginoplasty needs a chill pill

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If your vaginoplasty was expertly conducted, many sutures were placed in multiple layers. The least important sutures for the tightening effect are those placed at the level of the skin. If a few of these fall off, there is no loss of the tightening effect of the procedure long term. There is no significant stretching of a well designed and well executed vaginoplasty with sex unless you experience childbirth or significant trauma afterwards. Of course, I can only speak from my experience. I have no idea what techniques were used in your surgery. Replacing sutures adds nothing but discomfort to your recovery.

Can't be re-stitched until it heals totally-- then re-done

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Rule: Do not re-stitch after 36-48 hours. Bound to fail. Wait until everything totally healed (3-6 MONTHS!), then if a problem, make a small new incision & repair. If done too early THE STITCHES WON'T HOLD AND IT WILL COME APART. 
Do what you want, but these are the rules for successful surgery. Your surgeon is certainly right not wanting to put more sutures in . Don't bug him. and don't have re-suturing too early or you will pay the price!!
Michael P Goodman, MDDavis, CA, USA


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At this point in time it would not be advisable to "replace" any sutures.  Once the area has completely healed, if you continue to have an issue, you want to consider a revision surgery.  If you need a revision surgery in this area choose a surgeon with expertise in pelvic floor anatomy.

Earle Pescatore, DO
Fort Lauderdale OB/GYN

Perineal breakdown

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Dear Ms untaken:If you have had a suture or two come out of the perineum do not fret.  First and foremost your surgeon is correct you canNOT replace the sutures at this time.  This must heal on its own.  Secondly in most surgeons hands the perineal area of repair i.e. near the opening has a risk of breaking down 5-10% of the time as it is the point of maximum pressure upon sitting.  Usually sutures will break ( if they break)  in the first 1-4 weeks and when then do break then your body will heal on its own over a 5-8 weeks period.  Even if every suture broke it would heal on its own, just like a cut on the skin.I assume your surgeon when he tightened your vagina tightened the inside and the opening of the vaigna...if he or she did not then your surgery will most likely will NOT be successful for increasing friction with intercourse.   If your surgery is not successful I would recommend if you get a revision surgery to choose a surgeon who understands pelvic floor reconstruction.
John R Miklos MD
Urogynecologist & Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon
Atlanta ~ BeverlyHills  ~  Dubai

How do I get my lost sutures and open area restitched? My doctor doesn't seem to want to do it.

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your recovery issues.  Depending on the timing from surgery, if your stitches dissolved or broke causing a separation of your tissues it is often not advisable to replace the stitches because at best they may not hold due to tension or swelling or at worst may cause an infection to develop.  Because your surgeon knows the details of your recovery best, it would be wise to heed their advice, but you can certainly inquire about timing for a revision to correct the incision separation.  Best wishes.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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