I'm done with my bone graft but still my bone was thin what should I do or other option?

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Bone is still thin after bone grafting procedure

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Even though the bone may appear to still be thin, you need to ask your dentist if there is currently enough bone to do what they were proposing to do.
There are times when a single grafting procedure is not enough and a second or even third procedure may need to be performed.

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Bone ridge

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Depends on the area, and the bone density,if its upper or lower maxilla
also which type of bone graft they performed,
usually you can gain more width of the bone ridge is expanded,
also there are techniques to gain space.

Where is the bone graft?

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How many teeth do you need to replace? its for a single one or bridge..  a little more information for can give you options ..

Bone Is thin after bone graft

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You need to give a lot more information for any one to be able to answer.  What tooth, where was the graft, what was it done for, what is the final result you want to achieve???

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