Brown Spots

So I got sunburned recently, not too badly. Usually when this happens it goes away within the next few days and im left nice and tan. This time about a day or 2 after the sunburn went away, I looked in the mirror and there were dozens of brown spots all over the areas I was burned. I was doing some research and saw laser removal was an option. I dont know much about it except about what the advertisements are saying, so I want to know does it actually work and will my skin return to normal?

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Lasers work for brown spots

First, it is important that you see a dermatologist to determine that the brown spots are indeed benign.  After that has been evaluated, Q-switched lasers work very well to remove these spots, but depending on the area treated, the cost can vary.  Depending on the type of laser, the success with one treatment can vary. 

My recommendation is to see the dermatologist and then look for someone with a Q-switched laser who can treat them effectively.

And, if you get a sunburn again, you could develop new ones or they could recur.

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