Do brown spots always scab up after an IPL treatment?

I had my second IPL treatment two days ago. After the first treatment, my brown spots scabbed up and then flaked off after about 7 days. The spots were obviously lighter. That hasn't happened this time. Does that mean it didn't work? Will I need to use a higher setting next time?

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Brown spots after IPL

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When certain types of brown spots are treated with IPL they raise to the surface, crust up a bit, and flake off, which is affectionately referred to as "coffee grounding". It is less likely to have this happen the first treatment and more likely this occurs after the 2nd and 3rd treatments because it can take bit for the pigment to actually get to the surface. So brave you got them after the 1st time! Remember that the purpose of IPL is to treat a number of things including pigment, unevenness, tone, and texture, so you don't to have the coffee grounds after every appointment. Some of the deeper and more stubborn pigment will take a few treatments to rise to the surface. This is why IPL is done as a series.

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