How Long WIll Brown Spots Post TCA Peel Last?

I am 2 days post TCA 20% peel. I have dark brown spots in the test area which don't appear to be flaking yet. I do however have flaking/peeling on my face. I am devastated because I think I have done damage to this area. My face looks leathery everywhere besides the test area. However long before I should see improvements in these dark areas?

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Brown spots post TCA

It is normal to have a bronzed, tight look post TCA 20%.  It should feel more and more tight until eventually it "cracks" around day 3.  This is when the peeling begins and can last anywhere from a couple of days to a week.  Usually the peeling begins around the mouth/nose area.  It is important to stay out of the sun, do not pick and even try to keep your body temp cooler during the healing process.  After your skin peels it will probably be slightly pink/sensitive for a couple more days before returning to normal.  Sometimes, TCA goes slightly deeper in some areas which results in more of a scab than just a tight bronzed look.  This is ok also.  It is important to go to an aesthetician or Dr who has a lot of experience doing peels on patients with your skin type.  You can always give them a call and ask to be seen for reassurance that you are healing properly.  If it was just a test spot then give the skin time to scab, be pink and heal before worrying about scarring.  I know it can be scary to watch your skin go through the peeling process but the results can be AMAZING! I hope this helps!  Best of luck!

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