Brown Spots on Forehead After 30% at Home Chemical Peel?

A month after I gave myself a chemical peel I went out in the sun with 30 spf on. Within 2 days brown spots appeared on my forehead. I went to a local dermatologist and she gave me scripts for retin-a, which I had to get tretinoin because insurance didnt cover it, and hydroquinone 4% cream. Its been 2 weeks and I think they have faded a little. My questions is will these 2 meds really help and about how long does it take before I cant see the spots at all?

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Chemical peel and sun exposure

The tretinoin and hydroquinone creams will help fade the pigmentation but it can take many months.  Make sure you do not have any sun exposure at all on your forehead.  Use SPF 50 and a hat.  Do not have IPL treatments which will make the pigment darker, especially during the summer.  Be patient and if you are still having problems after the sunny weather, consider light chemical peels or Fraxel Re:store treatments along with the fading creams.

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Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation will fade.

It may take 6 months or longer, but the brown spots on your forehead after a chemical peel should continue to lighten. Tretinoin and hydroquinone may be of benefit, but the most important thing you can do is to keep your forehead completely out of the sun. IPL photofacial treatments may be beneficial after the summer.

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Brown Spots on Forehead After 30% at Home Chemical Peel?

You can do a series of peels, one three months apart to help remove the brown spots.  Be sure to schedule your chemical peels with an experienced Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons office.

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