Brown Spot or Blisters After Beard Loss IPL Treatment?

I got Brown Spot or Blisters after beard loss IPL treatment 7 days ago. It's still cause soreness if i touched it. The doc said it's usual and only gave me centabio. After 7 days, it's still remains and bumpy. How to heal this and how long I can expect for the brown spot to heal ? Can I use betamethasone? Thank you

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Brown Spot or Blisters After Beard Loss IPL Treatment

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Burns and blisters from IPL is absolutely not "usual" and I'm sorry your doctor told you that. Clearly the settings used were far too high. You absolutely can use betamethasone, and should. Do not pop or pull at the blisters, but do keep them moist. As they heal, make sure you use a good sunscreen every day, to avoid burning the area, as it will be more susceptible to discoloration. I'm sorry this happened, but please know this is absolutely not normal or usual, and should not be occurring with your treatments. It is quite simply, a burn from overtreatment.

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