Brown Smears

Hello, I just did a 25% tca peel, and I notice there hasn't been any peeling yet 3rd day in just reddish like a little sunburn and it did frost over, but what really sticks out is that I have on both sides of my jaw line like dark smears, like deadish looking skin, is that over done there and it only along the jawline. it looks like a dirty face there real noticable, what is that? and will it go away? what can I take, I just order bleaching cream 3% hryoquine? dont know the spelling. Thank you

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Hyperpigmentation may be caused by TCA peels

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It could be that you have some postinflammatory hyperpigmentation from the peel, but it is difficult to tell.  The good news is that this usually resolves on its own within a month.  Sometimes sooner, sometimes longer.  However, I would recommend that a physician apply any future peels.  TCA peels are not benign and need to be carefully monitored throughout the procedure so as to not have any unwanted or unexpected consequences.  One thing I would recommend is to see a local dermatologist who specializes in peels so that they may help you along with any necessary treatments to possibly expedite the resolution or give you a more accurate prognosis to its cause and expected duration.

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