Brown Patches Under Eyes After Juvaderm

I got Juvaderm in October of 2011. I bruised on both sides of my eyes where the crows feet area is. I noticed after the bruising was gone it turned light brown. It is now 6 months later and the brown spots have turned into patches. They are large and very noticeable in the sun. I have used lightning cream and it has not been very effective. I haven't contacted the office I got it done because it was 6 months ago. I dont know what to do and its getting worse!!

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Dark spots after injections

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It is possible that this is post inflammatory hyper pigmentation but it might also be hemosiderin(from blood in skin). I would have your dermatologist look at it as they can give you a bleaching agent if hyper pigmentation. 

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from fillers

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Although it is rare, some people will experience post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from fillers. I would actually recommend you see the doctor that did your injections, or another one, but this can happen. You may need a prescription skin lightening agent (like hydroquinone) to use for a bit, and apply a good sunscreen every single day.

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