Brown Mark on Skin Following Laser Hair Removal? (photo)

I had laser hair removal done on my tummy 2 days ago & was left with this brown mark on my skin. (see pic) I went back to the derm & she said it would heal within 2 weeks. I'm skeptical. I need to know the best/most effective/efficient(fast) way to treat the area. Also, Im sure someone is going to say "time" so how long are we talking here? Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.

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Bad burn after laser hair removal

Yeowch! Did you only get this one mark? Were they doing a test on your skin? That is a clear, very bad burn. Personally, I don't think it's going to just heal within 2 weeks, especially not on the stomach which tends to scar worse. I'm not even 100% sure it's going to not leave some kind of permanent mark because really that's a terrible, overtreated burn mark. I'm afraid you could end up either hypopigmented (the bar mark remains but the skin there is much lighter as its missing pigment) or hyperpigmented (the bar mark remains but the skin there is much darker as its overpigmented). Time will tell what it's doing to do, but in the meantime:

I would recommend you 1. keep it moist all of the time with a prescription like Betamethasone ointment (your doctor should have given you a prescription like this). If that's not possible at least keep it moist with Aquaphor. 2. do not scrub or pick at it. 3. keep it out of the sun and do not let it get sunburned. 4. in the long run you may need a prescription of hydroquinone to lighten the bar mark but only if it's hyperpigmented.

I would suggest you not do any more laser testing or procedures until that site is 100% completely healed, which is going to take months.

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