Will the Brow Tattoo Ever Be Completly Gone or Will There Be a Faint "Ghost" Left?

My cosmetic brow tattoo is 4 days old and I hate it. Will lasers completely remove the tattoo and give me back my old brow? Or will ink stains be left behind?

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Re: Laser Tattoo Removal For Brows

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There is no guarantee for the complete removal of any tattoo. It really depends on the type of ink used and  how deep the ink particles reside beneath the skin's surface.  

However the Spectra laser is overall pretty effective since it can remove different colors. This is because it produces 4 different wavelengths. In all likely hood, this can reliably address the shade of brown shown in your picture.

Eyebrow hair restoration may be an option to consider for more natural looking results.  The newest evolution of this procedure no longer entails the risk of scarring. And the results are permanent.  Here is a video which explains more. The episode was aired on NBC4 in Los Angeles.

The patient in this video used to regularly tattoo her brows. But she did not like the type of maintenance that it required. The eyebrow restoration procedure can of course be customized to create the brow shape that you want.


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Successful eyebrow tattoo removal depends on the color and depth of the ink and the laser used to remove it.

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Most of the eyebrow tattoos can be removed with little or no shadow.  Off-colors of ink and tattoos that are placed too deep in the dermis may not be able to be completely removed.  Tattoo inks are color specific and require the right laser.  There are four types of tattoo removal lasers, 1064, 532, 755 and 694nm.  A laser center that has all four wavelength of lasers, will be more successful in complete tattoo removal of a variety of tattoos.

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Will Eyebrow Ink Completely Go Away?

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The goal of all laser tattoo removal is complete resolution.  However, it's not possible to guarantee this will be the end outcome.  Whether tattoo ink on the body or cosmetic ink on the face - both are designed to be permanent, and the removal process is challenging. 

The concern with cosmetic ink is the way in which the ink degrades and fades to different shades with laser treatments.  These treatments require the correct wavelength/technology to keep pace with these changes, and therein lies the dilemma. 

Although lasers are recognized as the gold standard for tattoo removal, there are methods that permanent cosmetic ink artists utilize to remove, or attempt to remove, the ink.  It may be a good idea to discuss your dissatisfaction with your cosmetic ink tattoo artist about available options.



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