Brow Ridge Reduction and Eye Surgery, Is it Possible to Make Eyes Bigger?

I am a female with a quite big eye brow ridge. Is there surgery to reduce it? I also have a few questions. Can you get your eyes shaped? Can you make your eyes bigger? Is it possible to go from Caucasian eyes to Asian eyes?

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Brow ridge reduction and blepharoplasty

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The answer to your first question is yes you can have the brow ridge reduced. This is done in conjunction with an open brow lift. The brow ridge is reduced with a small diamond burr which files down the boney ridge. As far as the eyelid question when you reduce the upper eyelid skin in blepharoplasty this will make the appearance of the eyes less tired or larger if you have ptosis or drooping of the eyelid skin. As far as making your eyes slanted or Asian as you stated there is a procedure called canthoplasty which is a lower eyelid procedure that tightens the lower lid giving the eyes a more slanted appearance. Best regards!

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