Brow Ridge Reduction? (photo)

I was wondering if i am a candidate for a reduction on my brow bone. Recovery is a big issue, how long would i be down for after surgery? Also a price range would be extremely helpful.

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Brow ridge reduction

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The photograph shows frontal bossing, prominent brow ridge.

After examining the X-Ray to check on the thickness of the bone and how far the frontal sinuses are, then using a bicoronal incision the brow ridge can be burred down. Also one can use an acellular matrix  above the rige to soften the sweep of the forhead. The nerves and vessels has to be dissected and protected.

Recovery is about three weeks, from bruising and wound healing and drain removal.

The dissection must be preperiosteal up to the ridge then subperiosteal to identify the nerves and vessels and protect them.

You will have numbness of the forehead for 6-12 months

There are many risks to the surgery that you need to understand and discuss with your surgeon before the surgery.

Total cost can vary from $15,000-20,000


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