Why Does my Brow Not Move After Having Eyelid Surgery?

Had eye lid surgery 3 weeks ago. One of my eye lids are still swollen and noticed today when looking in the mirror and moving my brows up the lid thats swollen doesn't move at all. Called my PMD and he said it wasn't due to my eye lid surgery but I'm skeptical. I was able to move my brows before. So don't know what to think.

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Not knowing they type of eye surgery you had, it is hard to tell if the inability to move your brow or eyelid is secondary to injury of a nerve or swelling from the surgery.  If the nerve was injured, it was most likely "bruised" or stretched, and it will fully recover.  

If the brow or eyelid is not moving for another reason, you need to find out why. It is important that your eyelid can completely close to prevent your eye from drying out.  If the eye cannot close, it can cause an corneal abrasion and can lead to blindness. In this instance, I would get a second opinion from an eye doctor asap that can evaluate you.  I hope this helps and good luck.



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