Has Anyone Had Excrutiating Scalp Tightness/Squeezing For Longer Then a Year or two?

Brow Lift - Almost 3 Years Post Op. Dr. Ted Horowitz did help me with question regarding a helpful procedure for the problem. But, I'm still wondering if any plastic surgeon or patient has had, or heard of excrutiating scalp tightness/squeezing of the scalp, for longer then a year or two?

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Scalp tightness for longer than a year or two what could be the cause

Hopefully you are undergoing the tail end of these feelings. You really actually heal for 2 years so this could be some of the cause. The tightness could be because you are undergoing some scar contracture from the pulling with the browlift. I would really need to see you to try to understand what you are going through.

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