Can this brow lift be reversed? I am not raising my brows in this photo. That's the way they are. (Photo)

I was born with both eyes fully involved with Congenital ptsosis. Sling procedure at age 6 months, muscles shortened at age 6 years, eye brow lift at age 18. There are screws in my head!! I don't feel this helped for my ptsosis. I was in college and to see, I was physically raising my brow to the point of exhaustion, so this seemed like a solution. But was it??

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Many options

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A surgeon could do some things to lower your brows, but in addition to other risks, this may leave you with difficulty opening your eyes. If you have some residual or recurrent ptosis (which your photo suggests) correcting the lid ptosis will might your forehead muscles to relax more and maximally allow your brows to fall as low as as possible. However, the brow lift may be holding them up never allow them to lower. You could also ask your surgeon about injecting Botox into the forehead muscles to allow the brows to fall.

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