What Will a Brow Lift Do for Your Forehead?

What Will a Brow Lift Do for Your Forehead?

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Considering a Brow Lift?

The eye brows are relatively easy to assess: in front of a mirror, relax your forehead muscles (horizontal forehead furrows should be flat) and see where your natural eyebrow position is. Now, use three fingers and gently raise the brows a little bit and maybe a little more until you like the new position. If you lifted your brows by more than a quarter of an inch, you may benefit from a brow lift. A brow lift may help the following areas: Brow position, Tired, angry, or sad look, Loose skin in upper eyelids, Loose skin between brows, Expression lines and wrinkles.

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Brow Lift Rejuvenates Brow and Eyes

If you lift your brow slightly up and toward the sides, you can get a good idea of what a brow lift would do for you. The change should be subtle, but give you a smoother and more rested look, without creating an “alarmed” expression. I hope this helps.

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Brow Lift

A brow lift will lift the brows and smooth the forehead giving you a refreshed rejuvenated look. It can also be used to address the glabellar furrows. Consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon to see if a brow lift is right for you.

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How a brow lift affects the forehead

It all depends on the type of brow lift, but with a coronal, pretrichial and endoscopic lift, you'll get flattening of the forehead.  The coronal and endoscopic lifts will raise your brow and your hairline slightly.  Most people release the muscles that furrow the brow at the same time, giving a refreshed look to both the central brows and forehead.

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Brow Lift and Forehead Function

A brow lift is performed to give a natural relaxed appearance to the forehead  Sort of a "life is good"effect.  It does this by eliminating the transverse dynamic creases and furrows from contacting your forehead muscle (frontalis muscle). In most candidates for this surgery the frontalis muscle is constantly contracting to lift the brow and with it some of the underlying eyelid skin. When this is accomplished  through surgery, this "extra" action of the muscle is not required so it is relaxed. It will still function normally and you will be able to use it in facial expressions (acting surprised concerned or quizzical  for example). Additionally it can reduce the frown lines above the nose. If will give you a relaxed yet alert pleasant appearance.

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Browlift Results

The results of browlifts are frequently very subtle. This is because your forehead elevator muscles (the frontalis) begin to lift the eyebrows as they descend. This hides the problem for a while. The first thing you see is transverse lines in the forehead from function of these muscles. The next most common thing seen is a crowding of the upper eyelids, especially laterally. Many people even have upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to correct this, when what is really needed is a browlift. You also get many lines beside the eye (the crow’s feet) that are frequently caused by brow descent. A browlift can smooth the forehead lines and crow’s feet, reposition the tissue from the upper lid and provide a much more rested look. Since the muscles between the eyebrows are also removed, you look less angry or tired also.


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A Brow Lift can glamourize the eyes

Women choose often to get eyelid surgery done without considering the droopy brow. This unfortunatley leads to a distoration of the eye beauty and makes a brow lift impossible. If you want to see what a browlift does for the look of your expression and your eyes just gently lift your brow upward and outward and you will see the improvement of the look of the eye. A brow lift also include stripping of the corrugator muscle responsible of the deep frown lines "angry lines" and therefore obviate the need for Botox in that area. In most of my facial rejuvenation "Refresher Lift" I include a browlift to glamourize the look of the eyes.

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Browlift will....lift our brow position

THis can give you a less full eyelid look, and sometimes improve visual field. There are many different techniques available depending on your hairline, gender, skin type, etc.

Consult and Oculoplastics or Facial plastic surgeon.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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What Will a Brow Lift Do for Your Forehead?

 The primary function, of a Brow Lift, is and always should be IMHO exactly what the procedure says...to lift the eyebrows into a more aesthetic position.  This is most often for women whose eyebrows have dropped to a lower position creating fullness of the upper eyelid area.

 Once it is determined that the eyebrows are aesthetically low, which requires the plastic and cosmetic surgeon to understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty, additional benefits (not the primary reason) can be explored.  These include, prominent ridges of the forehead, horizontal forehead wrinkles and vertical creases in the Glabella.  I have performed Brow Lifts for over 22 years and IMHO, it's important for patients not to loose sight of the primary reason for having any procedure. Brow Lifts, when properly performed raise the eyebrows, revealing an attractive almond-shape to the eyes which is a very pleasing and attractive feminine trait.

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What Does a Brow Lift Do for the Forehead?

Forehead improvement depends on how the brow lift is done. The forehead muscles can be interrupted to decrease unwanted lines above the nose. We developed the irregular trichophytic hairline incision to maintain or lower the hairline to decrease the size of the forehead if necessary. Hair will grow through and in front of that incision so it is not seen after surgery.

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