Should Brow Lift Fall After Only 2.5 Yrs?

I had bilateral bleph, L müllerectomy and endoscopic BL (for R brow ptosis). After only 2.5 yrs., the R brow has fallen pretty much where it was presurgery. I noticed it slightly after my last f/u appt. w/doc., (at 6 mos.) but told to wait for healing to judge. Haven't been back since my last f/u. I don't know how to approach this. I don't what I can legitimately ask doc. to do. I don't want another surgery. Are there other options? Should I ask the doc. to cover this? Pics available.

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Recurrent brow ptosis

For some patients ane endoscopic brow lift doe snot hold up as well as it could. You may want to consider an open brow lift to be a longer lsting solution.

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Brow ptosis and recurrent sagging

There may be many reasons for why this fell and some may have nothing to do with the surgical technique. Discuss the problem with your surgeon and have an honest communication about your feelings and what can be done to accomodate your concerns and medical condition.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Brow lift results


The longevity of a brow lift is difficult to predict.  There are many different types of procedures that have been developed because no brow lift procedure is perfect.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each procedure.  The results vary depending on the thickness, heaviness and elasticity of the skin, the strength of the muscles around the eyes that tend to pull the brow down, and of course how well the procedure was performed.  If the initial results were satisfactory, then the procedure was done well.

At this point, if you want to avoid a repeat of the surgery, Botox or Dysport can weaken the muscles that pull the side of the brow down, and we often use them for a non-surgical brow lift.  Your surgeon may reduce his fee a little for some of these injections.

Dr. Joe Rabson

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