Hello, My Brother Has a Problem with His Nose A Lack of Cartilage in the Nose

What is the best treatment?

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My brother's nose

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It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing your brother's pictures – you should consider posting images showing the areas of concern

Problem with nose suitable for Rhinoplasty?

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I have performed Rhinoplasty for over 20 years but without photos, I'm afraid I have nothing with which to make an evaluation.

Lack of cartilage in nose

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You haven't given enough information in your question to be able to give you a good answer. I would want to know several things. Has your brother had any previous surgery? Had his nose broken? Any breathing problems? What does his nose look like? What specifically do you mean by him lacking cartilage in the nose? Such considerations will all determine what if anything needs to be done.

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My Brother Has a Problem with His Nose A Lack of Cartilage in the Nose

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This question becomes very difficult to answer without photos.  However, in general patient's need some form of reconstructive surgery that would and may require grafting from the septum, ear or even rib cartilage to create more structure for the nose.  Feel free to submit photos and this will help give a more specific opinion.  Dr. Shep

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