Why can't Bellafill be dissolved with acetone?

This might sound strange but I'm curious: Why can't PMMA fillers be dissolved with small amounts of acetone? I know acetone is created naturally in the body during metabolic processes. I even found an online forum where bodybuilders were discussing using it as an ingredient in a homemade steroid concoction and injecting it into themselves - stupid, but apparently they're still alive. Thanks. I wish there were better solutions for those of us who have complications from this product.

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Dissolving Bellafill

Acetone injected into the body anywhere, will cause tissue irritation at the best and tissue death at the worst. It will have no effect on the PMMA microspheres. If you are having problems with your Bellafill, you should see an experienced injector. Almost always, Bellafill problems are the result of scar that forms in reaction to the collagen. It is best treated with serial injections with low doses of Kenalog 10, an injectable steroid used for things like scars

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Bellafill and The Ability To Reverse

you cannot inject acetone pure into the skin without damaging it.  I suggest speaing to your physician if you are concerned with results.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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