Upper eyelid surgery suture marks. Is it not normal to have them out between 3-4 days?

I'm having surgery in a couple of weeks time with a double board certified surgeon. I'm told the suctures are typically removed between 5-7 days. I'm worried this is too long and will leave train track type scars. Is it not normal to have them out between 3-4 days? Beginning to panic.

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Suture removal

5-7 days sounds average and won't leave any train track scars. Talk to your surgeon about your concerns, and follow incision care instructions to minimize scarring.

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Suture removal

You can leave sutures in for more than 3-4 days without any problems.  The upper eyelid skin heals very nicely, and you rarely see suture tracts even if the sutures are left in for many days.  For patients who live far away we use dissolvable sutures.  While these are supposed to dissolve in about 7 days, they often last for much longer and the scars look fine.  I would never take out sutures at 3 days since I don't think the skin is healed enough at that point and it is easy for the wound to open if the patient pulls on the skin, or while they are sleeping.   

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Eyelid suture removal

I remove upper lid sutures usually at 3-4 days, 5 at the latest. I would not wait seven days. Don't panic; call your doctor to discuss.

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Eyelid sutures

There are several ways to close the incisions. Sometimes  I use a combinations of superficial skin sutures and a pull-out deeper suture.  They usually come out between 4-7 days.

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Upper eyelid surgery suture marks. Is it not normal to have them out between 3-4 days?

This will vary from surgeon to surgeon.  I usually remove upper eyelid sutures at 4 days, but 5 days is not unreasonable.  If the sutures are left under the skin (subcuticular), another day or so is probably fine.  I wouldn't worry, but if you have specific concerns you should address them with your surgeon.

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Suture removal following eyelid surgery

I usually remove all sutures on the eyelids 4 days post op. The eyelid skin is thin, and I do not want to risk leaving any marks. Each doctor is different. I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 

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Eyelid Scarring

I normally remove my upper eyelid sutures at about 5 days on average.  The upper eyelid usually heals beautifully with respect to scarring so I would not be too concerned.  Also, most plastic surgeons suture the eyelid skin with a running subcuticular suture which means you would not have track marks anyways.  The suture is underneath the skin.  Good Luck, i'm sure it will look great!

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Suture removal

There is a lot of variability amongst surgeons with regard to suture material, suture technique, and time of suture removal. Because the lids typically heal very well, as long as the surgeon uses good technique, long-term results are very good, regardless of how the incision is closed or when the sutures are removed. In my opinion, the most important factor in final scar appearance is the technical quality of wound closure.

The bottom line is that, as long as you are seeing a reputable well-experienced surgeon with proven results, 5 to 7 days is a definitely a reasonable time for suture removal and I would not be worried about developing "suture tracks" at that stage.

Kenneth E. Morgenstern, MD
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Dear Merlin0704

Thank you for your question!  The suture removal will depend on the eyelid surgery technique.  Timing will also depend on the appearance of the wound.  Most commonly the removal is around day 4.

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Suture removal

Leaving in the sutures for 5-7 days will not cause "train track" scarring. Removing the sutures too soon could be a risk of the incision opening up. Please consult with your physician and he should be able to explain the explanation of suture removal with you.

Tushar R. Patel, MD, FACS
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