Unwanted eyelid crease due to scarring. Any suggestions? (photos)

When I was a child I had an infection of some sort on my left eyelid. My parents being immigrants took me to some cheap doctor who cut it out, but it scarred in a way that has left me with uneven eyes since, due to a crease it created that isn't naturally present on my right eye. My face can look quite different depending on which side you are looking at. Also that eye doesn't close entirely when I sleep. Can anything be done to return my eye to its more natural state? Without the crease.

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Unwanted eyelid crease due to scarring. Any suggestions?


Thank you for your Question, for your case it is better to contact a surgeon who has experiance with Asian eyelid.

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Asymmetric creases

You may be able to improve symmetry with surgery. You may benefit from an in person consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in Asian eyelid surgery.

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Generally eliminating the crease created by the scar is impossible.

The most effective option would be to make double fold surgery on both sides to make them symmetric.  Unmaking the fold is basically impossible.  Based on in person consultation, an assessment needs to be make to decide if a small fold can be make on the right side to match the left side.  Be careful what you look for.  Do your best to understand precisely what potential surgeon are telling you so there is no misunderstanding.

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