Can I stop getting laser hair removal even if I didn't get it 10 times?

I am Asian woman age 21, and I got the laser hair removal for 5-6 times for now. My next appointment is coming but I don't know if I really have to do it. My hairs are almost stopped growing even if I don't shave or do nothing for more than 2-3weeks(I'm not sure if it last more than that cause I shaved it sometimes just in case.) I had a thick dark hairs and I had many. I heard that laser hair removal works better to my type. Is this true?

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Lase Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is best done every 4 to 8 weeks depending on the area of the body.  If you find that you are not having any new hairs then you can wait a bit to see if there is any re-growth.  It is always important to have the specific laser for your skin type.  Best, Dr. Green

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What laser was done to you is important before answering your question. But in general,  Laser works well on light skin with dark hair. Recommended sessions will be around 6-8 in a gap of about 30 - 45 days between each session depending upon the growth cycle of your hair. Usually a maintenance visit once in 3 months with your doctor is appreciated . Laser treated hair follicle may tend to grow in a very slow manner. When the hair pops out it is advisable to meet your doctor for a follow up session. 

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