Why do I still have TONS of (what seems to be swelling) where my muscle was repaired during my full tummy tuck 8 weeks later?

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair on Aug 29th, 2013. I love my Doctor and I am generally very happy with the results. I had overhanging skin and that is gone (lower stomach is now flat) I have slight dog ears he will fix. But where the muscle was repaired I look like I am pregnant in my upper abdomen. I wear a garment all day, every day with maybe an hour off. I have been very diligent after spending 9K. Should this still be so swollen? Is it possible these are my final results?

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Upper tummy bulge after abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

If the upper abdominal muscles were not tightened all the way to the rib cage (xiphoid bone) then you will have a persistent upper tummy bulge. This is an unfortunate outcome because the only fix is more surgery. Review your procedure with your surgeon.

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Swelling after tummy tuck

Your result can be limited if you are overweight before the procedure which makes either the upper or lower abdomen protrude or both. Other possibilties include a fluid collection or swelling.

See your surgeon and have a frank discussion to find out what you can expect for a result down the road or treat a fluid collection if there is one.

Most woman after tummy tuck can achieve a very nice imporovement with time and you probably will too!

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Why do I still have TONS of swelling where my muscle was repaired?

It is really difficult to comment on this issue without photos.

There are a number of possible causes, including fluid collection, swelling, incomplete or failed muscle repair, and excess intra-abdominal contents.

Your surgeon is in the best position to make the correct diagnosis and to offer reassurance and advice about possible expected outcome, and options should the result be less than ideal.

All the best.

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Post-op swelling

You are definitely still swollen so this is not your permanent result. That being said, you may have a seroma that needs to be drained. Return to your plastic surgeon to have this checked out.

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