Should I Still Have a Raised Band and Nodules Thoughout my Stomach at 6 Mth After BBL?

I have had a raise band on my stomach and nodules that have been recently hurting more. I am 6 months post BBL. Should I still be experiencing these issues? How would I get this corrected?

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Nodules 6 months after BBL

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Nodules and bands in your abdomen 6 months after BBL surgery is not entirely normal. If they are firm and tender, then they probably represent scar tissue. You should speak with your surgeon about this. He or she should be open to your concerns and discuss some sort of solution if there is one. You may benefit from deep massages or a radiofrequency treatment course. I have seen several patients with similar problems after BBL with other surgeon and we have successfully improved them with a course of radiofrequency treatments that break up this deep scar tissue.

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