Two root canals in my upper left molar that are failing. They are calcified at the tips. They want to try & redo.

Too close to sinus cavity to cut calcifications away. My 2 choices are to redo root canal or pull tooth and then have gum surgery. I am 67 both docs say very iffy root canal would work do to calification at tips. What to do. I am opting for pulling tooth and implant. What do you think

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Root canal redo

Dear Mikel30: It is unfortunately impossible to give you an opinion without looking at X-rays and a clinical examination. However an implant is not a solution for everything.  It comes with its own costs and its own problems. Most times it is advisable to try and save the tooth and if performed properly by an endodontist, root canal specialist, root canal treatment lasts as long as an implant,  and sometimes longer. The problem is that the root canal has to be done by someone who knows how to do it right! and sometimes apical surgery is necessary. There are many excellent endodontists in New York. You can ask your dentist, or do a little research online. Go in for a second opinion from an expert endodontist.

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Dental Implants

Hi, and thank you for your question. I understand your concerns, no one wants a tooth pulled when we are unable to save it with a root canal. Unfortunately, if you cannot perform a root canal on teeth that are infected, they must be removed and the alternative treatment must be performed. Dental implants are the recommended alternative treatment for this type of problem. I would discuss this with your dentist and specialist so that you can understand the details of the treatment indicated to replace the missing teeth. Good luck!

William P. Lamas, DMD, MS
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