To repair a slightly torn earlobe (earring hole), is it generally less expensive in Brooklyn/NYC or Atlanta, GA?

I live in NYC and will be going home to Atlanta for the holidays for about 10 days. I would love an understanding of the turnaround time between a consultation, surgery, and whether or not a post-surgery follow-up visit is required to see if I can knock the procedure out while I'm home. The tear in the lobe is only slight and doesn't extend all the way down (skin at bottom of lobe still connected). I would love to know your thoughts, and whether or not insurance can cover at all. Thank you!

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Earlobe Repair

I would recommend that you consider the procedure in your home city although the earlobe surgery you are speaking of should be fairly easy. It is beneficial to be able to speak to your surgeon and get a consult throughout your healing process. Having someone available to you throughout that period is useful and will help ensure the most safety for you.

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Torn ear lobe repair

Thanks for your question. The difference in price will vary more by surgeon rather than by geography (between NYC and Atlanta).  As you will need your sutures removed, it is better to do the procedure in the city in which you live.  The operation in my office is done under local. The patient should be off blood thinners, if safe, for 2 weeks beforehand. The repair takes about 45 minutes. I am happy to perform an ear lobe repair on the day of consultation. In these cases, I will waive my consultation fee and only charge a procedure fee. The fee is determined by the complexity. For patients who are interested in having an estimate on the price before coming for consult, I welcome them to e-mail me a picture. The e-mail for my practice found through my website (see web reference below).

Happy holidays. Enjoy Atlanta. Best of luck with your ear lobe.

Dr. P

Benjamin C. Paul, MD
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Torn earlobe

I treat torn earlobes all the time. It is a pretty straightforward procedure. If the ear is almost completely torn through, the ear can be repaired by freshening the edges and using various step cuts to minimize the risk of puckering.  I can do this the same day. It can be done under local.   Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Ear lobe repair

Even if the tear is not through and through, the same surgical technique is required. Simply sewing the ends together will result in scar contracture. I use lap joint flap.  Sutures stay in for one week and must be removed.  I also do not operate on the day of consultation.  The procedure has to be explained and medical history reviewed.  It is unlikely that you could have the procedure in Atlanta without advance planning.  Keep in mind that many physicians close their offices during the holiday season. Some insurance does cover the procedure, subject to copays and deductibles. 

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Ear repair

We charge $400 to repair an earlobe.  It is done with local anesthesia and takes about 15 minutes per ear.  The stitches come out at 5-7 days so you could probably do it during your break.  Usually I recommend waiting a few months to re-pierce the ear so you will have to go without earrings for a while. 

Eileen Summer Black, MD
Metairie Plastic Surgeon
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