How to reduce the look of Loose Skin ABOVE BELLY Button? (photos)

I am 36 years old, I have 2 children, and within the last 2 years I lost 50 lbs . My tummy now is rather flat ( i am at the gym 4 days a week). I would like to reduce the skin on my stomach with out a tummy tuck. Any suggestions? : )

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Tightening skin

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The old tried and true method is a tummy tuck, however, there are some newer techniques that might help. ThermiRF is a minimally invasive method that uses radiofrequency waves to get the deep dermis to add more collagen and tighten up. This can be done painlessly under local anesthesia. It does not make you as tight as a tummy tuck, but might give you the changes you want.

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