Recovery for BBL, What's it like? Price in NYC for BBL and breast lift?

I want to know what the recovery is like after getting a BBL? I have a one Yr old kid, will I not be able to pick him up or do daily functions? Will I be able to squat or sit? Is the pain unbearable? Do I have to stay at a recovery house? Is it true you have to wear certain garments after? If so, are corsets restricted after surgery? Also, I would like to know the ideal price for a BBL and breast lift and if I should do everything at once or make separate appointments? Thanks in advance.

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Breast lift and BBL

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A breast lift and a BBL can be done at the same time in the right patient.  Recovery for the BBL is usually not too bad, but you can not sit on your buttocks for several weeks.  I tell patients to avoid heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks.

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