Radical solution for my 2 annoying deep dimples on my butt cheeks - what procedure for everlasting results? (photos)

Hello docs, i hAve these 2 dimples since i cant remember, they are at the same spot on my 2 cheecks and awfully look like they divide my cheecks in 2. Am always very self concious about it and think twice before wearing white light colors or thin fabric on my bottom as the division of my cheecks show! Just had a bbl a week ago it didnt help it a bit, made them larger i d think. I think my solution has to do with "connective tissues" to detach, please advice what can i do thank you so so much!

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BBL crease

Thanks for the question and for the photos.

It is too early to say that the BBL did not work.  Often, swelling accentuates the problem and then resolves as the swelling goes down.

That being said, I have seen several patients with dent issues.  Many of these areas require the 'bands' to be released before the skin can accept the fat so the dents or creases to resolve.

Hope all goes well.  Continue following up with your Plastic Surgeon.

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