Anyone knows a PS in NYC that's in network with 1199 for a breast reduction?

I am 37 with two children. 5" 2 and 125lbs and I wear 34DDD bras. I was denied breast reduction by HMO, my PS filed and appeal and my HMO reversed the denial. My PS had 90 days to perform the breast reduction surgery. My PS cancelled my surgery two weeks before my surgery. I basically called his office every day and still was not able to get a new surgery date. My authorization expired. I'M looking for a new PS willing to help me get my HMO to approve the surgery again?

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1199 breast reduction

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Authorizations can always be extended unless there is an interim change in policy terms.  Typically, the insurers will require a new plastic surgeon to go through the same authorization process, meaning that the clock starts ticking again on the timing to approve or deny.  Some 1199 policies are tied to Blue Cross, requiring approval by two separate carriers. In order to facilitate a new approval, you should obtain all the records and correspondence used to substantiate the first one.

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