Not pleased with orthodontic finish product? (photos)

Just finished Invisalign ... The orthodontist claims my two front teeth can't be fixed any further, yet there is a gap towards the top and they are slightly crooked... I want to know what other professionals think about this because before I had any orthodontic treatment, there was no gap between my 2 front teeth but they were slightly crowded. Now they are still crooked In the way they were crowded but there's a space.

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Front teeth

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You are correct in your unhappiness with your result. You have what is called "black triangles", which are manifested by spaces between your front teeth, at the gum line, while there is no space between these teeth at the biting surface. This is basically due to the shape of these teeth, where the biting surface is smaller, in width, then at the biting surface this is definitely correctable, as I have personally corrected hundreds of these "black triangles" without any pain what so ever. Good luck

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You can have them do a refinement

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The space close to your gum is more a function of the shape and anatomy of your teeth once they were brought together and straightened. I am concerned about the lower teeth still not being properly aligned as this will probably lead to relapse. I think that you could have a refinement done to work on straightening the lower teeth better. When the refinement is done you could have some slenderizing done between the two front teeth which may help bring them together without the gap that you dislike. You look like you will also need some slenderizing of the lower front teeth to achieve the straightening result that you need. Call the orthodontist today to discuss this before your retainers are ordered.Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas Texas area

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