Permanent Filler in Nose? (photo)

Is silikon 1000 or artefill really a bad idea in the nose?? I've read so many against and just as many supportive articles. what filler will give the safest longest results. I have a very flat nose. Id like projection and a more refined profile. I want something that won't disappear to quickly

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Permanent Filler for Nose

I principally use Artefill for augmentation of the areas of the nose where there exists thicker skin, less adherent skin so that the subtance is able to penetrate the area and truly elevate. I have been very happy with the results when used properly, and I have not seen any problems with Artefill. I use Silikon 1000 for sequential build up of acne scars or small divots and irregularities following surgical rhinoplasty. I expect that build up of a nose with Silikon in your situation would be much slower process. I would also consider trying at least a single round of non-permanent fillers first to see if they deliver the result you are expecting.

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