Is Lap-Banding the Best Procedure to Lose and Keep off 35 Pounds?

I have been losing, gaining and dieting for the last 20 yrs. & have tried every single diet that there is and I just had it. I have come to the conclusion that I have to have a weight loss procedure. I like the Lap-Band because it is not permanent and I'm thinking that after a couple of years once my weight is stable I can have it removed and also because about 23 yrs. ago I had a blackage removed from my small intestine. I will really appreciate any and every input I can get from you. Thank you.

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Is the Lap-Band Right For You?

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Lap-Band surgery is designed to lead to safe and sustained weight loss for individuals who are overweight or obese.    If someone has a BMI within the normal range is it unlikely that there would much benefit derived from the procedure.  Although Lap Band surgery is a very safe procedure, it would only be advised if there was benefit to be obtained.  It is unlikely that someone with a BMI in the normal range would achieve substantial weight loss, nor would that necessarily be desirable.  Therefore the Lap Band is not approved for use (in Canada) unless the BMI is greater than 30 with health issues related to the weight (co-morbidities) or all individuals with BMI greater than 35.

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