I had vitrase to dissolve filler in my cheek and it left my skin saggy and crepey on one side. How can I get my skin back ?

The next day I woke up, and my face was so hallow, the vitrase i believe migrated to my tear trough because it looked very saggy, crepey and like it had water inside. my wrinkles around my eyes were so much worse. My face did not look like this pre- filler. I went back and he said the vitrase didnt cause this. what can I do my skin looks so saggy and crepey and I definitely dont want to inject filler again. will I go back to normal. This aged me about 10 years. Help please.

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Injectable fillers dissolved

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Stretching of the skin from injections can cause a temporary sagging appearance but this will return to it's pre treatment tone in most patients, except the very elderly.  It looks like you would benefit from Volume and Sculptra would be ideal since it provides collagen stimulation and skin tightening using your own collagen.  It is the best way to add Volume to the face while also improving the skin tone and texture.

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