Can I get this tattoo removed by excision? (Photo)

I want to get it removed by excision using one or two treatments because laser surgery is too expensive. I want to join the navy soon and the tattoo been holding me back from joining. I think the tattoo is in a difficult spot can someone help me

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Excision of Tattoo

Unfortunately this tattoo would not be one to have excised due to the size. We often see folks in a hurry to complete the removal process and join the military. To expedite the process we will use the PFD patch. This patch allows us to treat the tattoo 3 times in a single session. This greatly reduces the amount of sessions needed. Good luck, Dr. M

Annapolis General Surgeon
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Tattoo excision

Thanks for your question. A tattoo of this size in this location cannot be removed by excision. Your best course of action is laser tattoo removal. Lisa Vuich, MD

Lisa Vuich, MD
Nashua Physician
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