I have scars from an accident with glass. Which treatment could help flatten and fade the redness and discoloration? (Photo)

The scars on the inside of wrist and beneath the thumb are 2 months old. I apply silicone gel and I have been on and off using silicone tape. I use sunblock and I occasionally use a wrist band for sun protection. The scar on the left I would like to try and flatten, its in an area where the wrist bends often, so im not to sure what I can do for that one. Some treatment option suggestions to fade and flatten the scars would be awesome and greatly appreciated.

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Which treatment could help flatten and fade the redness and discoloration?

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Thank you for your question. Laser therapy using the Cutera Genesis laser helps dramatically improve the appearance of scars by improving the tone, texture and color of scars. This procedure requires 3-5 treatments performed within a month apart. This treatment has no downtime and you will have continuous improvements with each treatment.

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Red Raised Scars

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These types of red raised scars can best be treated with a combination of V-Beam and cortisone injections.  You are doing the right thing by not getting any sun on the area as well.

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