Is a tummy-tuck a breast lift and some work to my Buttocks and thigh liposuction too much for one surgery? (photo)

I really would like a tummy tuck with a Brazilian lift with full body liposuction and breast augmentation but i don't no if this is to much to do in one day.

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How many procedures at once????

great pictures, you should lose weight with either diet or exercise or perhaps a more effective way with bariatric surgery, then perform plastic surgery. when  you're at your ideal weight, you  should not do  all this  surgery at the  same  time, I would recommend do  tummy tuck and liposuction first and then the breast lift.

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Weight loss and body contouring

Dear Jackso1,

Thank you for the great photos.  You cannot go wrong with losing weight and getting to a BMI of 30 or less just as some of the other doctors have recommended.  In terms of surgery, I would probably just do the tummy and the liposuction first and come back for the breasts at a later time.  An extended tummy tuck and liposuction of several areas may take about 5 hours.  Definitely look at what you would like to accomplish most and then prioritize from there.  I have definitely performed tummy tuck and breast cases together so its possible and it is safe.  The question will eventually be how much time will be spent on the liposuction part.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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Thank you for the pictures.

I believe that the procedures you've mentioned would be ideal after loosing weight, as of right now my best recommendation to get you started would be a bariatric surgery, followed by plastic surgery.

Good luck,

Dr. Campos

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Multiple Cosmetic Procedures

It depends on your overall health, so you need an in-office consultation.  I follow 3 general rules:  1) limit cosmetic surgery time to no more than 6 hours (preferably 5 tops).  2)  ALL patients having full tummy tucks stay overnight in the office with a private duty nurse.  3)  IF a patient of your overall shape and size is a candidate for all of the procedures you desire then I would perform the surgery in a hospital, not in the office.

One of the other replies to your question made a good suggestion about weight loss.  I agree that if you can drop some weight (and keep it off!) then you should do so prior to surgery.

Best of luck!

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Is a tummy-tuck a breast lift and some work to my Buttocks and thigh liposuction too much for one surgery?

Based upon your BMI and amounts of surgery desired the issue is one of safety and you surviving the operation/s. I recommend a staged operative events. Stage I full TT, + liposuction with fat transfer. Stage II in3 months after first a full let breasts + more lipo and fat transfer. You cash find a doc to try and do all the surgeries in one setting but very risky....

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Think About Recovery...

It is important to think about the safety of the surgical procedures first and foremost.  Although it is attractive to try to bundle your procedures into a few surgeries as possible, this is not always the safe approach.  Your plastic surgeon can help you with these decisions.  It is true that you can "stage" the procedures, meaning that you can choose 2-3 to do first, then a few months later (usually at least 3 months later), you can proceed with more procedures.
Also think about your recovery, in terms of discomfort.  If you have procedures on the back (buttock work) AND the front (breast work), how are you going to rest?  Does your plastic surgeon recommend this?  Think about your desire to return to work and how much time you have planned to take off.  Will you have help after surgery?  Do you have small children?  Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about sitting down after buttock work as well.
Ultimately, this is a decision that you need to make with the help of your plastic surgeon and your home support group.  Best of luck!

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Staging of procedures for safety

thanks for your question.  I highly recommend staging your procedures for your safety.  For example you can start with an abdominoplasty and breast lift first, then have your Brazilian butt lift and full body liposuction at your second stage in 3-6 months.  This way you will undergo your procedures safely and at the same time allow your body to recover before proceeding with the next procedures.  Good luck and take care!

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Multiple Procedures at the Same Time

Yes, it is possible to do multiple operations at the same time.  However, you must weight the risks and benefits.  The #1 priority is patient safety.  So, before anything is decided, the patient must be evaluated for the procedures and determined if they are a good surgical candidate and healthy for surgery.  Then it must be determined what procedures can be done at the same time.  After reviewing your pictures, I can tell you that all of the procedures that you mention - Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift, Full Body Liposuction and Breast Augmentation are TOO MUCH for you too do safely in one day.  If anyone proposes to do all of these procedures on YOU in one day, this is a serious mistake.  I suggest that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to review your options and plan your procedures in a safe and realistic order to achieve the best results.  

Good Luck.

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Surgery question

Yes it is possible, You need a consultation and very good review of past medical history. The risks are higher if all done at once but that is what you need to discuss with a board certified plastic surgeon. Good Luck!

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Multiple surgeries

Hello. Thanks for your inquiry. We can do all of that in one day after we check your blood tests and medical clearance. If that is all okay and we keep you overnite in hospital - you should be fine getting all of those surgeries together. Please see us in a free consultation close to you in jersey city nj to get started 
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