I have ingrown hair in my pubic area. I'm a 19 year old female. I was wondering how can I remove it?

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In grown hairs

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Dear TypicalSusan,

Two things can really help: 1. using a solution with gylcolic acid can help exfoliate the skin and prevent ingrown hairs; or, 2. IPL treatments for permanent hair reduction (if you want to eliminate that hair) can also be a solution.  If you change to breathable, 100% cotton undergarments, you may also reduce the problems as synthetic undergarments can trap more moisture and lead to more ingrown hairs.

Hope this is helpful!

Dr. Michelle Yagoda

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Ingrown hairs treated with Laser Hair Removal

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We frequently treat ingrown hair with laser hair removal.  This is a nice permanent solution for an annoying and sometimes embarrassing problem.  it will take about six treatments at 6-8 week intervals.

Karen S. Harkaway, MD
Moorestown Dermatologic Surgeon

Infrown pubic hairs

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The yag laser is the best option to permanently remove ingrown hairs. Expect 6-8 sessions for all the hair but less sessions to improve the situation. Do a test spot first to determine individual sensitivity.

Morris Westfried, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Laser Hair Removal for Ingrown Hairs

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I would definitely invest in laser hair removal for ingrown hairs.  The laser will remove the hair and then you will eliminate the problem.  Best, Dr. Green

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