I had an explant a year ago after six weeks of breast implants. Why do I still feel depressed?

OK here is my question . One year ago exactly I had breast implants due to the fact that I felt I had chosen a large size I had developed severe panic attacks so I decided after six weeks I had them removed it is now a year and I have still been depressed please tell me what I should do at this point. I dreaded my one year anniversary of explant and here I am a year in a couple weeks later and I not one day has passed that I have not thought about my explant

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Depression after removal of breast implants.

The depression at this point is clearly more than just a transient depression after surgery. Clearly you need to address this with professional help. Counseling with a good psychotherapist would be the best next step and may allow you to resolve this.
I don't think that this is the area of expertise of plastic surgeons.

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Depression After Cosmetic Surgery

I am sorry you still dealing with thoughts of depression.  It is not uncommon to experience anxiety or depression after undergoing surgery.  The causes are can vary.  It can be a result of unrealistic expectations, poor communication between the surgeon and patient, family members, work-related issues and many other factors.  It would probably be in your best interest to visit your family doctor or a therapist to discuss and help you manage these feelings.  This can involve simple measures such as exercise to more complex regimens that involve medication.  The first step is seeing your family doctor.  I wish you the best and I hope you get well soon!

Nicholas Jones, MD
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I'm sorry to hear you are feeling depressed.  Since these feelings are not going away and are troubling you daily, I would recommend that you visit with your family doctor or a therapist to discuss these issues further.  He/She may be able to provide some insight on helping you resolve these feelings.

Camille Cash, MD
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Depression after breast implant removal

Sorry to hear that you have experienced such a troubling time with breast augmentation and subsequent removal of your implants.  Its not unusual to experience anxiety and depression after surgery but as you have experienced prolonged anxiety about your surgery you should chat with your GP and arrange to discuss your experiences with someone to help develop some strategies to manage your feelings.  

Robert Drielsma, MBBS, BSc, FRACS
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Depressed after breast explant surgery

I'm sorry to hear about your panic attacks after breast augmentation and depression following explant surgery. You are dealing with alot of ups and downs. I'm not sure what else is going on in your life, but it would be a good idea  to meet with your family practice MD or a therapist to see if you can determine what is causing your depression.It could be a multitude of factors, but its definitely time to figure it out. This has been an intense emotional process. Wishing you the best of luck.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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You have surely been trough very emotional times, but I would say it is probably wrong to think that your current depression is totally dependent on your experience with breast implants. I would suggest to see your family doctor, and look a bit deeper into the possible causes and treatments for your depression.

Ciro Adamo, PhD, MD
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I had an explant a year ago after six weeks of breast implants. Why do I still feel depressed?

I am sorry to hear about the feelings of depression after breast implant removal. There may be many reasons why you are feeling "down";  good advice would require a thorough evaluation. I think that follow-up with your family practitioner and/or mental health professional may be a very helpful starting point in delineating the causes of your depression.  Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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I had an explant a year ago after six weeks of breast implants. Why do I still feel depressed?

Thank you for your question and I am sorry that you are still struggling with depression after your breast augmentation and implant removal.  The decision to have elective surgery, and then have it reversed, is a very emotional process and it is not uncommon to have continued strong feelings.  It has been a year, however, and I would recommend speaking to your family doctor.  They can best guide you on seeking appropriate medical care.   

Nelson Castillo, MD
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