I'm getting a TT and a BBL and my doctor over seas told me that I needed heparin 40mg now. How much do I need?

I'm getting a TT and a BBL and my doctor over seas told me that I needed heparin 40mg now I took this info to my primary care doctor and he told me there is no such thing in heparin 40mg I fount out heparin comes in units so in that order I am 192lbs and I am 5'3 how many units do I need. My pharmacist told me that it goes by my hight and weight so plz tell me how many units I need thank you!! Mwahz oxox

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Big mistake

It is possible that your surgeon wants you to be on lovenox, you should ask for clarification. The bigger issue is that you a searching for help from other surgeons and your primary doctor before you have had your surgery. If you are having difficulty communicating with your surgeon before surgery for a simple medication issue, how will you address a major or life threatening problem after surgery?  Will your surgeon be available, capable or willing to help you?  Do you expect your local surgeon to take care of you after surgery and do you expect him/her to do it for free?  I would typically see a patient having the same surgery multiple times in the first month of recovery and at least follow them for six months after their surgery if there aren't any problems. How much money are you saving?  What do you think is being eliminated or what corners are being cut to keep the cost down?  Please think about these questions carefully or better yet ask your surgeon these questions. 

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Call your surgeon

If you are unclear about what medication your surgeon recommends, call and speak with your surgeon directly.  He/She should have no problem getting on the phone with you and discussing your concerns.  I am not sure how appropriate it is for your primary doctor to give you a prescription that your surgeon wants - it should come directly from your surgeon.

Matthew Schulman, MD
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Surgery abroad

There is no doctor that will prescribe any medication to you  unless you are a patient.
If the surgeon feels you need medications like this then you are a high risk for surgery. And still want to go abroad to do a risky surgery??

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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